Heidi Campbell for State Senate

Thank you to the voters of Senate 20, I am humbled by your confidence in me and I look forward to serving you.


A data-based, compassionate leader who gets results.

Mayor Heidi Campbell

for Tennessee State Senate District 20

I’m a Nashville native, a Mom, a former music industry executive and the first female Mayor of the city of Oak Hill with six years of experience as an elected leader in this district. In my time in office, I’ve established a track record for fiscal discipline, balancing the budget every year of my Mayorship, eliminating my own salary, and returning $2M to my city’s reserves.

I’m running against two term incumbent, Senator Steve Dickerson, who recently settled a $50M dollar Medicare fraud claim with the federal government against his (now-closed) chain of pain management clinics. Government filings show that Steve Dickerson himself profited nearly $6.5M in a scheme involving fraudulent billing practices by personally writing more than 750 false claims. 

I’m running to restore integrity to my community and to bring data-based, reasonable, and compassionate leadership to a legislature that wastes time and taxpayer dollars on frivolous divisive bills to jail librarians among others. Enough with all that. Our economy is facing a long road to recovery from COVID and we’ve got work to do to help our small businesses, ensure our essential workers have access to healthcare, and that our schools are fully funded. That’s why I’m running.

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Current Service

Mayor, Oak Hill Tennessee 

Greater Nashville Regional Council

South Corridor Task Force

Metro Solid Waste Board

Mayors Caucus

Oak Hill Planning Commission

Professional & Educational Background

Marketing Director, Innova Music

Owner & President, AAM Music Licensing Company

Masters of Business of Administration (MBA)

Vanderbilt University, Owen School of Business

Founder and President of Children First Montessori Board

Board Member of Stepping Stone Theater for at-risk youth

Check out my Op-Ed on Dickerson’s failure to lead our city in times of crisis.

I’ll always stand up for Nashville!

Check out my Letter to the Editor of The Tennessean

about the Fetal Heartbeat Bill:

Disability Rights

1.6 Million people in Tennessee are disabled, and we are one of the worst states to live in if your life is affected by disability. Medicaid expansion, increased funding for the Family Support program, and  expansion of the Katie Beckett Program are some of the ways that we can serve our disabled population. I look forward to advocating for our disabled community in the legislature. 


Having attended Hume-Fogg High School, I am keenly aware of the inequality in our own city school system. Our district includes Bordeaux and Glendale, and the lack of homogeneity in our educational opportunities is starkly apparent.


Hierarchy of fund disbursement favors charter schools, and our public schools lose funding because of it. We need to pay our teachers more, and we need to look at expanding community school opportunities. I am opposed to ESAs (or vouchers) that siphon public education money to pay for private school education.


Economic Responsibility

Fiscal Discipline has been the hallmark of my Mayorship in Oak Hill. I returned $2M to my city’s reserves, eliminated my own salary, and balanced the budget all six years I’ve been in office.


The radical legislature is wasting tax paying dollars passing unconstitutional bills, like the fetal heart bill, that have to be defended in court at the tax-payers expense. I know how to balance a budget, and at the legislature, I will be a voice for smart fiscal decisions.


Climate change and the environment are the most important issues we face (whether we like it or not). If we don't have a habitable planet, everything else is irrelevant. We must do everything we can to reduce emissions, increase sustainability, and protect our natural environment.


As a Mayor I made sure that my city joined the Tennessee Environmental Council program to encourage planting more trees and to educate citizens about recycling. I also fought for three years to bring a multi-modal path to my city to encourage people to walk and bike and to get cars off the roads.


For years, the Legislature has had its fingers in its ears, pretending that Tennessee’s healthcare system is fine. It’s not. Without Medicaid expansion, hospitals are closing all over the state, workers that were deemed essential during the Coronavirus pandemic, that don’t have coverage through their employer face the prospect of going broke if they get sick. That’s not right.

I will push for bipartisan consensus to support Tennessee’s hospitals and common-sense healthcare solutions so all essential workers are covered. We need leadership at the Capitol.



As Mayor of Oak Hill, I will have a unique understanding of the infrastructure challenges that our neighborhoods face. Nashville provides 1/3rd of the revenue for the entire state, but instead of seeing a return on our investment to help fix traffic and transit problems, elected officials are putting our dollars into pork projects in their home counties.


I will be dedicated to preserving the integrity of Nashville’s neighborhoods, fixing our regional transit issues, and ensuring the state pays its fair share.


Leadership in

Times of Crisis

The COVID-19 Crisis made it more urgent than ever that we have strong leadership in Tennessee. When the national death toll surpassed 5,000 there were still no state-mandated school closures, no state-mandated limits on the operations of businesses like bars, restaurants, and gyms, and no state-mandated limits on large gatherings. 


In times of crisis, Tennesseans deserve more from their leaders than non-binding recommendations. I'm running to make a push for these things.

LGBTQ+ Rights

I will be a staunch and unwavering ally for the entire LGBTQ+ community in the state legislature. Each session, we see a new “Slate of Hate” rolled out in the legislature that demonizes and stigmatizes LGBTQ+ Tennesseans, and this past session, trans youth were targeted with bills that would prevent them from playing sports in school and criminalize best-practice healthcare.

Our trans friends and family are victims of physical violence, verbal harassment, and employment discrimination at astronomically high rates, and we need allies in the state legislature - not adversaries.

Standing Up to a Radical Legislature

During Tennessee’s 111th General Assembly, the republican supermajority introduced another "slate of hate" in an attempt to stigmatize LGBQT Tennesseans, as well as bills that would that would jail librarians for not removing certain books from shelves, and over the objections of law enforcement, gun safety instructors, and district attorneys, remove the requirement to obtain a criminal background check before carrying a loaded firearm in public. 


Enough with these frivolous, divisive bills. We’ve got work to do. That’s why I'm running for office.

Marijuana Legalization

I support fully legalizing marijuana. Marijuana crimes disproportionately impact people of color and it’s time to end marijuana prohibition.  


An ACLU report found that in 2018 African Americans were arrested at more than three times the rate of white individuals in Tennessee for marijuana crimes, despite the fact that both races consume marijuana at about the same rate. Legalization would also be a boon to our tax coffers, something we are ill-equipped to refuse right now, as our state deals with the economic fallout from COVID.

Racial Justice

Black Lives Matter. We need systemic change, and we need to make significant changes to our allocation of resources and stop handling social challenges (such as homelessness, addiction, and domestic conflicts) with our police force. Criminal justice reform, affordable housing, education, healthcare, and almost every other issue we deal with are hampered by inequities that are based on racial injustice.


I will be a strong and unwavering advocate for change and for empowering our black leaders to guide us through the process. 


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